Subject: Re: Money in Italy
Margaret -

As so many Ziners have already said, use an ATM card - 2 if you can, in case one gets eaten by a machine or stops working. Some additional tips: 1) get some Euros b/4 you leave - that way you can get a coffee at the airport or a phone card and not have to worry about finding an ATM right off the bat; 2) b/4 you go, find out from your bank the daily limit that you can withdraw - foreign limits are sometimes different than domestic. When we were in Italy in May '01, we paid for our hotels w/ cash to get a cheaper rate, but we had to plan our withdrawals so we had enough on hand when the bill was due. :-) It worked perfectly and we didn't take a single travellers' check. 3) Keep in mind that you'll only be able to access your primary checking account, not savings or other accounts as you may be able to do at home. Have a great trip.

Cindy in Harrisonburg, VA