Subject: Re: Aachen in Dec/January

My grandmother was born in Aachen, so we have visited there a couple times. Since you won't have a car, my suggestions probably won't be helpful, but I'll pass them on for future reference. The first three are about two hours by car. Unfortunately, by train, it would be close to 4 hours, but if you can spend an overnight and come back the next day, all would be great to visit.

First, if you like museums, there is a great outdoor museum in Arheim, Netherlands.

Second, Trier, Germany is a great place to visit if you like Roman ruins.

Third, Luxembourg

Finally, a combination of cities in France: Metz, Strasbourg, Colmar & Nancy; Colmar has a walled old city, but all four are interesting to visit. Just thought I'd pass them along to you, but don't know that it would be feasible to visit without a car.

Also, if can make it over to Cologne, then you could take a cruise down the Rhine to view all the old castles.

Wil Orlando, FL