Subject: welcome new members & planning ahead
Welcome Cecile & Diane.

Well! All I can say is you've come to the right place. There is a wealth of travel information here that we all love to share and talk about. Dig in the archives and in Don & Linda's Travelogue's for ideas and dont forget to come back and share your experiences.

Cecile, do you have recommendations for small, well located hotels in Italy and London? Ziners are always on the lookout for small, well located hotels!!!

Lisa from Chicago, just back from Italy. Look forward to hearing about the trip!

Planning for 2003 is tricky with the talk of Iraq & war. George & I are planning a 5 day to London, Paris; then 11 days in Italy for late May early June. We are also planning a driving trip in the US in case travel abroad is not viable.

Ziners, what are your plans for 2003 ?? Are you staying in your country or going abroad?

I'm interested in your thoughts. George & Marta Tamarac FL