Subject: Re: What's Considered a Weapon on Carry-On
I flew out of Lima, Peru last month and was surprised to find their security much more thorough than what I had experienced in the U.S. They scanned our luggage as we checked in, they scanned our carryon as we entered the concourse and checked everyone with a wand. They also hand checked our carryons. Everything was fine to this point. I had tried to be careful about not putting anything sharp in my carryon. Then, to my surprise, there was another security check at our gate. It was the same scenario. Scan the luggage, scan the people and then hand check the carry ons. After checking with another person they decided to confiscate my 10 inch wood statue of an Incan god. There are no sharp edges but it is heavy. They checked it for me and I picked it up in Miami. No one in Miami security gave it a second glance. So you never know what can be considered a weapon.

Sandie in Tallahassee