Subject: Open Jaw Airfare (was: planning ahead)
Dear George and Marta and Ziners,

I am happy that you asked about travel plans for 2003. It is awfully difficult for those of us in the US to decide on overseas travel right now, so we too have been thinking about a trip in the USA.

I have never been to the Grand Canyon, and my husband Kurt was in the Air Force in Phoenix, AZ some years ago, so we are thinking about a trip to Arizona and the southern rim of the Grand Canyon.

As a girl, my family spent a lot of time in Las Vegas and I am quite anxious to revisit it because it is a completely different place now. I would love to fly into Phoenix and out of Las Vegas. I'm wondering if it is an economically viable choice.

If any Ziners have input into purchasing reasonably priced open jaws airfares, I would love to hear about it. Even if it has been difficult or impossible for you, this information would help us in our plans.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh