Subject: Re: Planning ahead
Hi, We postponed a trip to Spain on the last minute and instead are going earlier to Argentina and Uruguay. (I am saving all the good inf. I got about Girona from fellow Ziners)

This is no big news for us because we have a daughter,grandchildren etc. there, but this year is different and I thought it might be of interest to other Ziners.

Firstly we got a round trip ticket in United for only $299 + taxes an old time bargain, and this particular one was good for 60 days, secondly Argentina is on sale, not only hotels, but meals and consumer goods are now priced 60 to 75% less that a year ago.There are wonderful places to visit in Argentina, like the Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, where we are planing to go during this trip, the ski and summer resort of Bariloche, which is beautiful, mountains and lakes and it is easy to take an excursion by catamaran to Chile from there, the wildlife in Peninsula Valdes, the southern part of the Inca Empire, = that is Salta, and the Iguazu Falls among many other places.

I am basing this information in personal experience and also in an article published today in the Miami Herald . Among other shopping experience the author says that he bought Hadsome leather shoes for less than $30,A heavy -duty polypropylene ski jacket with zip-out fleece liner for $100 ( in the US they are $250 and up, he says) . A smart fold up nylon carry bag with a smooth leather handle for $26 (a similar one costs $75 at Bloomingdale´s) Stylish wool sweaters $20 each. Leather jackets from $65 and a smart designer leather purse, that kind that sells for hundreds here, only $40. Wow....I can hardly believe it myself. So many bargains! Bargains are restaurants the best ones at some $20 per person.

Of course all this low prices are the result of a lot of problems and dissaters :-( for the Argentine people but traveling there can result only in helping them bringing hard currency into the country.

Security in big cities have declined. No doubt about it. So whoever is going, including us, should be very alert at all times.

The Herald goes on saying that Aerolineas Argentinas offers a visit Argentina Air Pass. www.aerolineasargentinas.

Regarding hotels they point out as an example that the hotel the writer of the article stayed in Buenos Aires, which is a chic boutique lodging in a fashionable area that last year was charging $110 , this year charges only $38-$52

etc etc etc.

The Argentine National tourist office is

If any one considers going I shall be very happy to help them with what I know.

Of course I shall write a travelogue after visiting in December The Moreno Glacier, in El Calafate.

Graziella, Miami Beach.