Subject: Re: Open Jaw Airfare (was: planning ahead)
Hi Debbie and fellow Ziners,

We have, separate years, flown into SFO and out of Burbank CA; into Ontario CA and out of SFO and into Portland OR and out of SFO. The fare has always been about the same as if we had flown into and out of SFO . . . the fares to both destinations either were the same or one city would be slightly less than the other and we actually realized a minimal cost savings.

We've not done it for three years or so. Times changes and it may not be as quite as easy or as affordable now to be flexible, but it wasn't a problem at all when we did it.

Please share. It will be fun to find out if it is still as doable as it was when we did it. I'd love to fly into Portland again one of these days and out of SFO (lovely, lovely drive).

Best wishes and happy traveling,