Subject: Re: Planning ahead
Hi Ziners!

In response to Marta's query about where Ziners were heading in 2003, I'm checking in to say that we are returning to Costa Rica. Our 2001 trip was such a fantastic experience that the 8 of us are headed back down in May 2003 for intensive birding and sightseeing with Charlie Gomez who served as our guide last time. Charlie and I have become very good friends exchanging email on a weekly basis, sometimes even when he is in the field. My husband and I feel like he has become our brother and can hardly wait to meet his wife and children.

Since we have to really plan and budget for trips (both $$$ and leave time from my job) our only other travel in 2003 will be to the southeast to visit family. In 2004 we are hoping to make a long awaited 3 week trip to Turkey, provided the world situation allows travel in that part of the globe.

Love to read all the various posts from those on the list who are traveling these days.

All the Best, Ruth Marie Colorado