Subject: Everett Spitzner - CIVIL WAR (and holiday suggestions)
Hi all, and especilly Mr. everett Spitzner who responded to my question on US CIVIL WAR sites. I've haven't been online much in last few weeks, but i thank you for your answer.

I'd like to visit appomattox, manassas ad other sites within a few hours of these (i've been to Antietam and Gettysburg). What can you recommend? Have you read Shelby Foote's 3volume history? Would u recommend it?

anyone else who has visited any CIVIL WAR sites and could offer suggestions which to visit would be welcome as well. Or books to read that you found particularly interesting on this subject? (i like to read about the places i visit before i do, as well as while i'm there too)

I'm also trying to come up with a holiday for the beaten track........i've been to italy, spain, portugal, france, UK, ireland,hungary, Russia, turkey, carribbean, mexico, looking for something different....for a 2 week holiday Anyone got any inspired suggestions??????????????

brian in ny state thanks