Subject: Re: Travel in 2003
Hi Fellow Ziners,

This is the first time I have posted in many months as my mother was very ill for most of this year and my thoughts were not on travel.

So far in 2003, we are planning a trip to either the Caribbean, Mexico (the Mayan Peninsula) or Central America in early February. We need to stop in Miami (from Toronto) for a couple of days and visit with my husband's mother and hope to go on a one week trip to a resort from Miami. Can anyone suggest a good travel agency or website to contact to arrange our travels? Also any suggestions as to where we can go for one week would be very much appreciated.

In addition, we're hoping to spend a month in Italy in September/ October 2003 and would be interested in renting a reasonably priced 1-2 bedroom place in Tuscany.

Etta in Toronto