Subject: Civil War and holiday suggestion
Dear Brian:

I suggest you consider the recent message about Buenos Aires and think about a trip there. January is their summer and their economy, sadly, being in the condition that it is, it will be extremely reasonable compared to past years.

I have visited twice, although not recently, and can tell you that it is a remarkable and exciting city.If you are interested in music, Buenos Aires is, of course, the home of the tango, and there is nothing like seeing it and hearing at the source. About 70% of the population of B.A. people of Italian descent (thus the ciao you hear everywhere on parting) and you can get excellent Italian food, steaks (of course) etc. you can take a very short and inexpensive flight to Montevideo, Uruguay which is also worth a visit and very different from Buenos Aires. If you decide to travel there I would be pleased to provide a couple of tips re tango venues, etc.

Best regards, Don