Subject: Re: Planning ahead
Hi 'Ziners:

Hey, I'm still working on 2002! Just returned from 8 days on the Cote D'Azur: Nice to St. Tropez and back. France was delightful. Food was great, weather fine, beaches quiet (water a bit cold), hotels charming, many perched villages charming, etc. We will definetly spend time there again.

Next is Florida for Thanksgiving, time to rest, do some people watching (Miami) and birdwatching on Sanibel Island (and not eat turkey)

But then we are starting to look toward Jan/Feb when we try to take a trip to shorten our winter here in New England. Last year we went to Panama on an eco adventure. Fabulous. We are thinking of a (return) trip to Trinidad/Tobago, also an outdoor, birding, snorkeling, rainforest/beach trip. Or maybe California which would be easier to travel to.... I never turn down trips to any part of California. January is approaching so I will have to make a decision soon.

Will visit family in Memphis, Tennessee early Spring, March or April. Always fun. Nice time of year there.

We try to also do a trip, either May or June each year (my birthday in June). We rarely travel far in the summer as it is so nice around here and it happens to be busy work season for my husband, and here at the University for me, as well (planning, planning for the coming academic year). So maybe Hawaii - as it has been almost five years since our last time there. But then there is Southern Italy that we have been talking about for a while.

We will also be planning for another trip like the one we just took to South of France for September 03

Hopefully all of us will see our plans come to fruition and have a good 2003.

Best to all, Maddy Etkin Northampton, Mass