Subject: Re: Don and Linda in Provence
Hi Frieda,

I've just returned from a two-week trip and am catching up on my e-mail. Was so glad to read of your GTG with Don and Linda. Glad you finally met them. They are quite a pair, and I know they enjoyed getting acquainted with you. Sounds as if you all had a wonderful day. I'd love to get back to Provence with plenty of time (and money wouldn't hurt) and hire you as my guide. I love every little village and old stone and would so love to have your insights to better appreciate it all. I think I must have lived there in an earlier life. (Not truly a believer in all that, but it makes for interesting speculation.)

If I'm remembering correctly, your book should be out, no? Let me know how it's going and when I can find it in English. Bonnie and I will always remember, with much joy, our luncheon and visit with you. I've so many wonderfuly memories of that trip and that is near the top of the list. So good of you.

A bientot,

Lou (Matthews)