Subject: Re: Andalucia
Hey Rick,

My wife and I were in Seville last spring and even though it was a very touristy thing to do, we went to a flamenco show and it knocked our socks off. I just picked up a flyer at the desk of our hotel for a show that was a few blocks away and we were enthralled by the combination of singing, dancing and guitar playing. If I ever get back there I'm going to go to shows and clubs every night!

Also, Felice from Toronto made a great suggestion (which we unfortunately didn't follow), which was to learn a little about the history of flamenco before going to the show. We didn't do it until afterwards. If you do attend a show, I suggest you opt for drinks- only instead of dinner (either way it's expensive) which is what we did. The people eating dinner spent half their time dealing with their food and waiters instead of watching the show -it seemed very distracting # and I suspect the dinner wasn't worth it.

I also urge you to search the archives for more suggestions. The new search engine is fantastic, and the info there plus help from other Ziners sure made our trip great.

We also loved Cordoba. We didn't stay there, instead just spending most of a day wandering the city. Finding a parking place was hell but it was well worth it.

Have a great time.

Al Sonoma, CA, USA