Subject: Re: What do you think??? days in Rome or???
Ciao Ziners!

Having spent a week in Rome earlier this year, I can offer some perspective on Rome, but not on other cities.

First, my philosphy of travel is to stay in one area long enough to explore it thoroughly. I no longer zip about, from one destination to another taking in only the barest of essential. I want my travels to be 3 feet wide and a foot deep, not 30 feet wide and 1/4 inch deep.

A city like Rome has so much to offer that even 6 days is not enough. I would spend the extra day in Rome and skip a one day visit to Siena. An extra day in Rome will allow you to return to intersting sites you did not adequately explore earlier (such as a return trip to the Vatican, or a bike ride through an area you found interesting), do some R& R in the middle of the week, or explore a non-tourist area (something I really enjoyed on my trip to Rome)

I have never been to Siena, but I wonder if one day will do it justice. I understand it is quite a nice city.

Paul Near Greater Seattle