Subject: Visit your new boutique!
Dear Ziners,

Some of you have expressed your desire to acquire TheTravelzine logo merchandise as a means of identifying yourselves as Ziners when you travel and because you are proud to be part of our wonderful group. How many times have we passed a fellow Ziner on the streets of Paris or the hills of Tuscany and didn't even know it?

As you know, Jim Bellomo volunteered to design TheTravelzine logo and invited all of you to participate in the logo selection. We're happy to say that the logo project is completed, the merchandise is selected and the Zine Boutique is officially open for business. Thank you again, Jim, the logo is beautiful - and the license plate frame is fabulous!

Any proceeds from the shop will be used to defray the ever-rising cost of maintaining TheTravelzine site and archives. This is not a profit-making venture.

Better keep your cameras ready for the day when you discover another Ziner waiting in line for gelato in Rome - THAT'S a get-together! Send us the pix for the Zine GTG album!

Cheers! Don and Linda