Subject: Re: New York City with your daughter
I just wanted to suggest another idea for New York with your daughter. I would recommend a bed & breakfast - they are a great way for your daughter to travel and meet a local person. I stayed in SOHO in a nice B& B in someone's flat for about $100.00 for 2 people. We shared the bath which wasn't a problem. At night we could sit with the owner and just talk - it was a great experience. We could walk all over without any problems. We took the subway and there is a tourist bus service that provides 2 days of transportation - you just hop on and off wherever a location fits you. This was very convenient and we didn't need a cab. I flew into LaGuardia and took an airport service - it was in the basement of the airport and dropped you right at your location.

Have a great time!

Kathy in Pittsburgh