Subject: Re: Good Hotel Service
Hi Graziella and Ziners

Graziella, I was thrilled with the service at the Trevalsa Court, and the other small hotel we stayed at in England, the Crown at Wells, also had nice enough service. But the two large hotels, The Abbey Hotel in Bath (Best Western) and the Thistle Kensington Palace in London, both has some of the worst service I've ever seen.

I don't know if three yeas ago counts, but The Essex House on Central Park South, from where we were married and where we spent three nights afterwards, has incredibly great service.

We had a nice room there becuase I called and sort of grovelled for the nicest room they could give us at a reasonable (?) price. When we got there, we had an upgrade, and there were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in the room with a note To the newlyweds. Congratulations! When I walked through the lobby with a letter in my hand, a man came up to me and said, I can mail that for you, Mrs. Weber.

The concierge had helped Kurt get roses for the room, and they were also set up beautifully when we arrived.

Arnold Schwartzenegger was there at the same time, and they treated us incredibly well. We were never there before, and it is unlikely that we would splurge for that level of hotel again, but they treated us as if we were regular guests. I loved The Essex House.

Ciao, Debbie in Pittsburgh