Subject: Hotels in Vienna
Hi Tom,

We have stayed in two hotels in Vienna. Service-wise we found them very different. However both could be good choices depending on what you are looking for.

The Hotel Im Palais Schwarzenberg has superb service, beautiful rooms, and while there you feel like a Prince or a Princess - not stuffy, just right. It is located a little off the center of town but close enough to most everything.

This is an old baroque garden palais in a city center location surrounded by acres and acres of private park. This is the kind of hotel where you do not sign for extras, they just know who you are and sure enough they put the extras on your bill. One of the loveliest hotels we have ever stayed.

Hotel Im Palais Schwarzenberg A-1030 Vienna Schwarzenberg Platz ,# 9 Phone 43 1 798 4515 fax 43 1 798 4714

The Hotel Am Stephanplatz has a great location. In my experience, it is an impersonal four-star hotel, everything ok, but they did not make us feel particularly welcome. It is located right in front of the Cathedral.

Hotel Am Stephanplatz A1010 Vienna StepahnplatZ,#9 Phone 43 1 53 40 50 fax 43 1 534 05710

Graziella, Miami Beach