Subject: Vienna and Salzburg Trip
Dear Folks: We just returned from a wonderful trip to Vienna and Salzburg Austria. The weather was rainy much of the time but the hospitality was terrific. We stayed at the Bristol Hotel in Salzburg and it was beautiful. Breakfast was included in the est. $200/nite, location was right in the middle of AltStaadt(OldTown) and New Town, directly next to the Palace. We walked, and walked, and ate and ate, and drank and drank. Shops were very upscale. Food was delicious. Cultural opportunities included concerts in the Palace. Vienna was even nicer. The people were very hospitable and the food was great. We found the Wine-skellers for old world food and great beer and wine. These are located deep down in cellars under the old town buildings and they are really worth looking for. There are at least a dozen authentic cafes like Cafe Sacher that offer great desserts and coffee with slag (whipped cream). The city has a tram system that encircles the old town area which make getting around very easy. The opera and concerts are great. We stayed at the Hotel de France where $200 per nite included beautiful accommodations, a wonderful breakfast buffet, and small enough to allow the front desk and bellmen to remember us each time. These cities are beautiful, the people seem so down to earth yet quite civilized in their approach to life. We loved it and can't wait to go back. John and Pat