Subject: Re: Lack of service
Dear Graziella,

I have to disagree with you that only in the top hotels (in London) you get the service. I have found in the past that the more you pay for your accommodation, the less the staff cares about your well-being and comfort. They are arrogant and stuffy and stiff upperlipped about serving you. They don't care that you are paying an arm and a leg for your accommodation. In the entire hospitality industry, not only in London, but also in Paris, Rome and here in Spain where I am etc, the sense of pride in your work is mostly gone and there are (in my experience) very few hotels/restaurants/bars etc. where the client is king and where you are happy to come back for a second visit. Where you are made to feel welcome from the moment you step in the door and where the staff is actually happy to see you.


Bard Vos Arroyo de la Miel - Costa del Sol (Spain)