Subject: Re: Sandy's Paris Hotel
Hi, Debbie... Yes, we were quite happy with our hotel. :-) I can't tell you much about the breakfast, as we never ate it, preferring to eat at the Café de Flore, but Bob went down to the breakfast room and had a look. He said it looked very good.... it wasn't included in the price, but as I recall, it was very reasonable. The rooms were fairly good size by Paris standards, including the bathrooms. There was a color television, but again, I can't tell you much about it, as we only watched it for a few minutes. We were too busy running around :-) Beds were quite comfortable -- a major consideration. The location is half a block from Café de Flore, so the location is great.... metro & bus stops within half a block -- also, a great crepe stand nearby.... yummy banana/Nutella crepes!There is an elevator... a very small one :-) Bob and I could go on it facing each other, but if we had luggage, we couldn't both ride it. If you reserve a room there, the elevator doesn't go to the top floor. We reserved by e-mail, but I didn't want to send my credit card number, so I called that in, but you can do it all online. Here's the website:

Sandy in Illinois