Subject: Vienna and Salzburg
Hi Ziners:

It has been some years since I have been to Salzburg and Vienna and I was wondering about the hotels, I stayed at in both cities. Any information on the Goldener Hirsch in Saltzburg ( which is just up the street from Mozart's childhood home)? It was a wonderful and elegant place at that time. In Vienna, I remember the Sacher, and the Brtistol, both appeared to be very elegant. I couldn't comment on the service, except in the restaurant in the Sacher , which was very fine. The Sacher serves the wonderful Austrian dish called, I believe, Tafelspitz which is excellent, and also had live zither music in the evenings on the 2nd or mezzanine floor. We stayed at the Imperial, which, if I recall, was a former palace of the royalty or the nobility. It was truly elegant, and the service was impeccable. Another excellent restaurant in Vienna was the Drei Hussaren (3 Hussars). I wonder if any one has tried any of these places lately and have any comments. Best regards to all, Don from(climatically confused) Los Angeles