Subject: Re: Weekend Trips
Dear John and Ziners

We have had so much fun on weekend trips from Pittsburgh that I had to join in this thread. Here are some of our favorite long weekends from our home in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA (followed by short ones):

New York City. Since most of our family lives there, we go quite often. We usually drive, which we feel requires at least a three night visit. Every now and then a cheap flight allows us to visit for two nights. We eat, walk, shop, go to museums, visit family and see movies or plays. If a play, it's usually an off Broadway or off off Broadway production. PS 122 has provided us with lots of great entertainment at reasonable prices. We eat cheap Indian on 6th St. and splurge all over town. New York is about a 6.5 hour ride for us. We often stay with family, but also use Priceline for NY hotels.

Washington D.C. It takes about 4.5 hours to get to DC and we always drive. We usually find hotel deals through the Internet. We love to visit monuments and museums and eat in great restaurants. We find the best DC restaurants to be much less expensive than those in NYC. We enjoy staying in the DuPont Circle area, but will stay other places if the price and circumstances are right. Last spring we went to the ballet at Kennedy Center. We also love to visit the big churches, parks, and various neighborhoods.

Toronto: thanks to Linda, we have been there twice and really love the city. There is too much to say about it here, but the food is great, the city is beautiful, and the price is right for folks from the US. The drive is about 6 hours. Zine get togethers are a compelling reason to go back again and again, but there is just so much to see and do that we wish we could go more often.

Niagara Falls area: also an easy drive of about 4 hours. This makes a great two night trip. So many Niagara hotels offer deals of two nights with 4 breakfasts and two dinners that it is hard to resist these great deals. I love the Falls, and there is a lot to see and do in the surrounding area.

Also for quick trips, we like the Luarel Highlands area of mountains and ski resorts to the east of Pittsburgh. The nearest resorts are only 1.5 hours away. The entire area is beautiful, and the Laurel Highlands trail is a great hiking opportunity.

We used to frequent Deep Creek Maryland, which was only about 2.5 hours away, but several tragedies struck the people around us there on three separate trips, and we decided not to go back. I miss it, though.

All I can think of now, Debbie in You Know Where