Subject: Re: Pompeii from Roma?
Hi Tracye,

I've gone twice the way Rick Steves says to do it. In Rome, you transfer to regional type of train that takes you to Naples, then you transfer to a local train that takes you to Pompeii.

The bus is called the Sita: gives you a schedule for the bus from Naples to Pompeii

The local train times can be obtained through this site: just enter Roma and Pompeii. You should be given several times. As best I remember, the Eurail pass does not cover the trains from Roma to Naples and Naples to Pompeii. Might have been a discount, but I doubt it.

I never have taken the bus to Pompeii, but did use the Sita bus to go down the Amafii coast line, which I highly recommend. I don't know what it is like next month, but in the summer it is great.

Wil Orlando, FL