Subject: Giverny
Dear Sandy and Ziners,

I was at Giverny earlier this month and it was lovely. It is very easy to get there. We caught the train at the Gare St.-Lazare, and the person at the wicket even gives you a pamphet with the times of the trains and buses that go from Vernon to Giverny. We went early as advised by other Ziners and got there before the bus tours. We had time to wander almost totally by ourselves, take pictures, enjoy the beautiful flowers, still in great bloom, as the weather had been nice and sunny. After our visit we walked to Vernon (about 50 minutes) as there is a pathway exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists. In Vernon we had a meal at a local restaurant, where there were no tourists and took the train back, arriving in the middle of the afternoon back in Paris.

In comparison with the price asked by tour companies and the crowd in the bus tours, we paid a fraction of the asked price by tour companies and had quiet moments in Giverny and away from the crowds of tourists.

All the best, Helio in Vancouver