Subject: Pompeii from Roma?
Hi again Tracye.

Since sending my first note, I thought of two additional items that might be of interest.

First, once you get into Roma Termini station, as best I can remember, we went down an escalator and turned to the right to go down a corridor. I believe that we passed another train line on the right before coming to the line that goes to Naples. The ticket booths were on the left. They have recently completed some renovation in Termini, so this could be changed.

When in Naples, we asked around for the train to Pompeii. We got on one of a couple trains there. Two nuns came and got us and took us to another train. Then another man came and got us, he could speak good English, and took us back to the first train. We were somewhat scared and confused. The nuns had said something about Pompeii and come with them. Well, as it turned out, according to the other man, they had us on a train that would stop at or near a cathedral in Pompeii and not the ruins. Our train did drop us about a quarter to a half mile from the ruins, down a slight hill. Those local trains don't often run on schedule. One of the trains we took back to Naples to return to Rome was over an hour late.

Have a good time. If you want a good site to preview Pompeii ruins, try this one:

Wil Orlando, FL