Subject: Re: Day Trips from Paris

Often overlooked, a trip to St. Denis is a rewarding experience and I believe could be considered like some kind of a short day trip from Paris.

St-Denis is the first Gothic building in France that can be dated precisely. It exists thanks to the inspiration and foresight of the famous Abbot Suger.

St-Denis, the first bishop of Paris, became the patron Saint of the French Monarchy. Royal burials began here in the Middle Ages and continued till the French Revolution.

There is a paid tour in French which I didnīt enjoy that much this year because the guide stayed a long, long time in the same spot speaking generalities. (He told us that important restoration work was done recently as Paris prepared itself to welcome visitors during the World Cup event.)

On Sundays there are free organ concerts.

For those of you who have read Ken Follett's The Pillars of Earth, you might recall he often makes reference to St. Denisī innovative architecture and also to its rose window. The stained-glass windows, in stunning colors, were restored in the XIX Century.

The Basilique stands today in a Northern suburb of Paris, it is easily reached by the Metro. Stop: St-Denis Basilique.

Graziella, Miami Beach.