Subject: Re: San Juan Must Sees
Hi Helen;

We only had a few hours free each time we sailed out of San Juan, so just enjoyed walking through the old part of the city -- I remember many lovely gardens, but I do have a St. Thomas suggestion.

Try to get over to St. John -- it's absolutely lovely. We took a ferry from Red Hook, then had a wonderful time snorkeling Trunk Bay. There is a marked underwater trail, and the fish are so colourful and unbelievably curious. At one time I had a different colour and size checking the end of each finger. Even if you aren't a strong swimmer, you should be able to manage as inflatable life vests are provided, so if you feel like a rest you just float. Your ship will probably offer an organized tour with all equipment provided, plus a short tour of the island with killer punch administered freely after snorkeling. I think there was a lunch too but I definitely remember the punch!!

You can also take a ferry from Charlotte Amelie near where you dock, get a rental on St. John at the dock and explore on your own, depending on your time in port.

St. Thomas is also noted for it's duty free shopping, but be prepared -- lots of interesting shops, but a bit congested & chaotic downtown or, there's a great little mall right at the dock, for a quick shopping fix.

Enjoy your cruise.

Anne, Burlington ON