Subject: Bilbao
Hi Rita - and Ziner-on-the-Spot Covadonga!

As the Moderator on duty said, Rita, the great benefit of the Zine network is that it allows everyone to take advantage of hints and recommendations.

I had been on the point of posting some questions about Bilbao also, so will be most interested in what comes along from Cova, with her local expertise, as well as from other members who have visited Bilbao in recent times and are responding to your queries.

We are also planning a visit to Bilbao - in December 2002 (en route from duty commitments in London to Barcelona), to see the Guggenheim and the many other attractions of the city. When will you be there, Rita? Have you had a look at the Bilbao Guggenheim website yet? You will find it at:

I have done some checking on the web for hotels, B& Bs etc but haven't yet booked accommodation, as I intended to check further with Cova and others for the best options. (By the way, Cova, if you happen to be reading this: The best price I have found on the web for the rather intriguing Petit Palace Arana is around $118 US/Euros a double. Does that sound reasonable in the local context, do you think? Or should I search further? Converted to Australian dollars, it is not at the cheap end of the scale - but may be the going rate?)

We would be happy to look at B& B options too, so if anyone has any suggestions for such accommodation, that would be most welcome.

I will come back with some questions on Portugal soon also.

Cheers all, Joan Melbourne, Australia