Subject: San Juan Must Sees
For Helen who is going to San Juan. It's been a while since I was there. But with just a day in port you may want to just walk around the Old Town which is quite charming. There are 2 old forts on either side of the harbor that you might look around. They have some nice views but if you've done a lot of traveling you've seen a lot of these. Build on a slope going down to the water is La Perla which is (or at least was) a slum neighborhood. it was written up by the sociologist Oscar Lewis in his famous book La Vida. It is, I guess, a miserable place to live but its setting and the bright colors used to paint the houses makes it perfectly beautiful-- at least from a distance. I wandered down into it a ways (against the advice of some people) and I found it fascinating as well.

It's a shame you seem not be able to be in SJ at night. The causeway between the forts is illuminated. It is, I think, one of the loveliest walks I've ever taken. Try to talk to some of the inhabitants as well. They are warm and helpful.

Please forgive me if anything I say turns out to be out of date. Have a great trip.