Subject: Bilbao hotels
Hi Joan and Rita,

Iīll write more later, but I have a couple of hotels recommendations. I have been checking the different sites, and I have come up with these three places :

- Hotel Avenida 60 Euros without breakfast or 75 Euros with buffet breakfast - Hotel Nervion 65 Euros without breakfast - Hotel Tryp Arenal 83 Euros with breakfast

The Petit Palace Arana is brand new and looks nice. It is located in the Arenal, a small park between the river and the Old Town, and so it is the Tryp Arenal. The other two hotels have been renovated recently, and both of them are very popular with visitors. They donīt have the status of the Carlton (the grand dame between the hotels in Bilbao, I believe Graciela has stayed there), but they usually have good bargains if you book through Internet.

And Rita, your plans could be done. There is a bus from the airport into town, although if you are carrying your luggage, I might look into taking a taxi straight to the bus terminal, leave there the suitcases, and then head down to the Guggenheim. Iīll write later about this.

Joan, I hope it helps. I have checked the availability between the 10 and the 14 of December. The only bad time will be the weekend beginning on the 6th of December. Itīs a long weekend in Spain, and things book up quick.

Bye, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain