Subject: San Juan Must Sees
Hi Helen,

Unfortunately the most fun must see in San Juan isn't open to the public. It is a tour of the Governor's Mansion with my Aunt Elsa. Elsa was the social secretary for two governors of Puerto Rico for many years and lived for a time in the governor's mansion. She turned 91 in October and she loves to do a show and tell of all the things she's seen and remembers about the past. She remembers when President Kennedy and Jackie visited the mansion - they slept in separate rooms and Jackie didn't dress very nicely for a state dinner. She really liked the President of Panama, but his wife was a boor. She bullies the official tour guide until they just give up and let her do the whole thing.

As a second must see, I would just enjoy the old town and the fort. The San Juan Hotel has a beautiful casino, if you're a gambler.

Have fun,

Callie in New Orleans