Subject: Re: Worst Travel Advice?
Hi Debbie,

This one is easy. Many years ago (so long ago I was still young) an elderly aunt said, Quit longing to go all over the world. Save your money so you can feel secure. I spent a whole summer in Europe when I was in my twenties, and I wouldn't give you a dime to go again now. My reply, of course, was that -- if I were ever fortunate enough to spend a whole summer in Europe -- then MAYBE I would feel the same way, but I doubted it. I knew even then that once your world grows enough to feel what is out there, you can never shrink yourself back into a body that is satisfied just to exist.

It had nothing to do with the specifics of travel, but it sure made me even more anxious to go every place my heart led that I could get to. At 72, I still feel the same way. Life is for living.

Happy travels to all, Lou (Lakeway, TX)