Subject: Winter travel
Hello cold weather enthusiasts,

Well, the temperature here in San Diego has finally fallen below 70F. Autumn's chill is in the air. Aloha shirts, Bermuda shorts, and straw hats will be going into storage this weekend. And out comes the ski gear. A certain Ziner's mind turns to thoughts of alpine vistas, pine-scented air, fat fluffy snowflakes, roaring fires in the chalet's hearth, and hurtling down unbelievably steep mountain slopes at terror-inducing speeds.

Hip hip hooray! Winter travel season is almost upon us. I'm interested in finding out what plans you travel contrarions have. You know of whom I'm speaking ...those ten or fifteen Ziners who actually enjoy the snow, ice, and cold of winter.

So, tell me, who is headed to those ice hotels in Quebec and Scandinavia? Anyone dogsledding in Nunavut this year? A particular Ziner feeling the urge to herd reindeer in Lapland? Or will some of you be sipping pastis alongside the ice rinks of Chamonix and St. Moritz? Do tell. And there will be special points for those Southern Hemispherists who forsake their approaching summer days to journey north to revel in the icy joy that is winter.

As for this particular couple, once again we will head to the snowy playground known as British Columbia. And once again Sara (for the third time) will inquire as to when she'll ever get to see this beautiful land uncovered of its snowy mantle. Three trips for her to beautiful western Canada and the poor gal has yet to see a flower in bloom.

And moi? Once again I will retreat to the uncharted cirques and frozen tarns of the jagged San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Rumor has it some fool bought an outdated ski lift from Mammoth Mountain in California and has rigged it up on a frozen peak above the frigid enclave of Silverton. If someone's foolish enough to do that I'm foolish enough to see where that chairlift goes.

So Ziners tell us your plans for enjoying travel in snowy climes. Get out there and practice having fun in the snow. Because next year this Ziner is taking the winter travel extravaganza to Europe. That's right 2003-2004 will see a Ziner GTG in the beautiful Dolomites of northern Italy. Start training now for next season's Granita &Grappa GTG.

John in chilly 60F San Diego