Subject: Re: Worst Travel Advice?
Hi All,

The worst advice I ever received was from my dear old Dad -- his absolute belief is not to leave our country (Australia), as all that could be seen elsewhere is on offer at home.

How wrong he is!!

Australia's Anglo-Saxon culture is slightly over 200 years old -- how can you compare that with the ancient cultures, buildings and artifacts that exist in this fantastic world of ours? How can one not personally visit the sites that were just images as we grew up, such as the Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abbey, the Rocky Mountains, Stonehenge, Taj Mahal, ancient Chinese pagodas, ad infinitum!! How can one believe that even all weathers are represented in one country? How can one expect to experience some of the nuances of everyday life in other countries if one is not exposed to them?

While I greatly appreciate my Dad, and understand the basis of his comment, this is one of the times where I am absolutely delighted to have ignored his advice. (Sorry, Dad!!)

(Having said that, I can only hope that my kids will not ignore my advice to travel, travel, travel!!)

Cheers, Peter (Currently living in London)