Subject: Help with Rotterdam
Hi Janet,

I attended a conference in Rotterdam last November and also spent a few days in Amsterdam. I found 3 days in Rotterdam to be more than enough (we stayed 4 days because of the conference). Most of the buildings in Rotterdam were destroyed during WWII and therefore the city is very modern and resembles a lot of North American cities. There is very little left of the original architecture. I would recommend spending extra time in Amderstam, which I found very charming, and less time in Rotterdam unless you intend to use it as a stopping off point to visit other places in Holland (e.g. The Hague). Several people stayed at the Hilton and did not find it a particularly attractive hotel. Our friend found it very expensive (Canadian dollars) and not worth the money. However, it is fairly close to the train station and if you're planning to use points instead of paying for it then it is certainly a worthwhile investment from the perspective of location. We used public transport to get around and we found the trams very convenient.

I can't recommend any restaurants in Rotterdam, although there are tons of restaurants in the shopping area behind the Hilton. We ate a lot of Indonesian food which was quite good. I do have the name of an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam that we really liked. We had wonderful reishtafel (not sure how you spell it) there. The restaurant is called Sama Sebo and it's on P.C. Hooftraat 27. If you plan to go there on a Sat. night you'll have to call for a reservation. The phone number there is 662 81 46.

Have a great time

Etta Toronto