Subject: San Juan
Hi Helen,

Reading the posts about San Juan reminded me of the short time we had there in 1998. We spent most of our day walking the old Town as already suggested to you and had a wonderful experience. Back then, and hopefully still, there were free open-air trolleys doing the circuit - nice to be able to rest your feet once in a while - San Juan is very hilly.

I remember that we stopped for a cool drink at the cafe right inside the Hotel El Convento. This hotel was built in the 1600's as a Carmelite convent and, over the years played many different roles - (According to Frommer, everything from Dance Hall to Flop House!) It has been restored and is now run as an upscale hotel. The interior courtyard is open air and that is where we stopped for a very delightful break. It would make a lovely place for lunch, I think providing nothing much has changed in the last 4 years.

Have a wonderful trip Regards Judy Abbotsford BC. Canada