Subject: Introduction - New member from Danville, California
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Fred and Shelly!!

Hello to fellow travelers,

We will be retiring in the spring of 2003 and plan on spending 10-12 months in Europe. In 1993 took an AmEx tour of Italy (21 days) and in 1998 spent three weeks in Greece and Istanbul on a self guided visit. The travel plans are to start in the north (St Petersburg and Moscow) in July and then moving south to Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Morocco and end up in Italy for 3-4 months. I do a lot of photography (over 1500 pictures on the Greece/Istanbul trip), primarily focused on archeological/historical sites but anything colorful and interesting is open. (Web site is

Shelly and I look forward to learning from the group (and sharing our experiences).

Regards, Fred Renner & Shelly Thomas Danville, CA USA