Subject: Re: Andorra
Hello all those curious about Andorra.

A couple of years ago we traveled through Andorra driving up from Carcassone through Ax-les-Thermes. I can't attest to the views because we encountered heavy fog and snow along the very windy road. Frustrated by the exceedingly slow pace set by most of the drivers (obviously tourists according to their license plates) I was overjoyed to be able to latch onto a driver with Principat d'Andorra plates. Keeping a close eye on his tail lights we negotiated the twisting turning road in no time and found ourselves above the storm and in Andorra.

Largely based on Tom Raftery's suggestions we spent two nights in Ordino and absolutely loved it. A far cry from the crowds that besiege the stores of Andorra la Vella Ordino is a much quieter mountain village in a beautiful setting.

We visited in March with the express purpose of spending a day on the slopes. The day I skied the Arcalis ski area it had just been through a week of winter storms which had left 18 inches of fresh snow throughout its terrain. As an aficionado of the worlds finest snow (as exemplified on the slopes of Alta near Salt Lake City, Utah) I was duly impressed by the quality of the terrain. Throughout the day I was repeatedly informed by the locals as to my good fortune in being able to enjoy the ski area at its finest conditions; blue skies, warm temperatures, and fresh, reasonably deep snow. I agree with Tom that the Catalans are a bit laid back in their approach to the slopes. But I finally found three young men who were willing to head off the beaten track (no off-piste in this are, everything is open) in search of fresh deep fluffies. Later, in one of my more memorable ski moments I encountered a French couple who had brought their huge Bouvier des Flandres dog for a run down the slopes. I thought at the time (and still think) that that was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen skiing.

Sara had opted not to ski that day. Instead, she spent the day at the local health club, the Sports Centre, swimming, working out, etc. Not as big as the Caldea down in the valley but still a first-rate incredibly well-equipped facility.

Our hotel was the Hotel Coma with which we were quite pleased. Its website is

Dining was quite good at a restaurant whose name escapes me. Later I'll dig into the box holding all the goodies from that trip which are still awaiting being organized (along with the photos) into a scrapbook.

For a comprehensive website about the Vall d'Ordino:

So Ziners when in the area perhaps a visit to Andorra might be worth considering.

John in San Diego