Subject: Winter travel

I am one of those crazy people that actually love to travel in winter. And the more snow, the better. I still remember three years ago in Stockholm. I loved watching the swans and ducks swimming among the ice near Gamla Stan, although it was probably the cause of a very strong cold upon returning home.

We are planning to go skiing in the Aragonese Pyrenees around once every month. My family has an small apartment in Jaca, and we go either to Astun ( ) or to Formigal ( ). Actually, I prefer the second one, it is bigger and the lifts are newer than in Astun (and there is a cafe with good pastries, something to be thankful when the blizzard is strong). Another thing that I donīt like about Astun is the fact that there are many irreflexive skiers and snowboarders who donīt mind if they jump the queues or if you fall because of their reckless speed (and usually they are not good skiers, just fast ones with good material), and that nobody really cares to stop them.

The only thing that I donīt like are the prices. I find that the spanish ski resorts are too expensive given what they offer, they can be between 25 and 30 Euro per day.

And Iīd love to spend sometime next December at a german or austrian Christmas market town. But I will have to stay home (work duties) and make my best having a GTG with Joan, coming from the sunny Australia.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain