Subject: Re: Andorra
Hi Ziners,

Itīs funny, because this afternoon we have been talking about Andorra at home. My sister and the boyfriend were there at the beginning of last December (and also the beginning of the ski season). My sister is an avid skier, but Pedro has never in his life put his feet inside a pair of ski boots, and I donīt think that he fancies it a lot.

They had fine cold weather, and after two hours trying to teach the poor man how to stay up instead of lying on the snow, they decided that it was best for their relationship to part ways. Pedro found a place in the sundeck at the cafeteria, and Alicia went skiing from Grau Roig to Pas de la Casa ( ). She says that she enjoyed it a lot, mostly being able to move from a resort to another. She also met a catalan couple who were doing nordic ski with three golden retrievers.

And about Caldea, they still laugh after their experience. They wanted to go there and spend the evening, so they asked at the hotel they were staying if reservations were needed. The receptionist told them that there wouldnīt be any problem at that time (19:00), but after 21:30 there would be a huge queue. It seems that there is an special late night price, and as any Spaniard knows, the people from Catalonia are famous for their sense of economy ...

One of the main towns in Andorra is called Les Escaldes, because of the thermal waters, and there are hot water springs scattered in the towns.

Kind regards Covadonga Bilbao - Spain

NB. I donīt know about the sugar. It used to be half the price as in Spain, but right now there isnīt a lot of bargains in Andorra. Very specific things, such as ski gear or some specific electronic equipment, but not the amazing duty-free shop in the Pyrenees that used to be.