Subject: GTGs and Recommendations? ITALY
Hi Ziners,

Colder temperatures definately turn our thoughts toward ribollita, pasta and other wonderful comfort foods. What better time for a Seat Sale? Air Canada came through for us! Now all we need are your recommendations. Of course we have already booked Hotel delle Muse in Rome. What are your suggestions for places to stay in Lucca and Florence? And we're always looking for new restaurant ideas. You know what we like - good food at reasonable prices (good value). What do you suggest?

Let's plan to get-together! Here's our schedule:

Rome - Arrive 17/Jan. Depart - 22/Jan. (5 nights) Lucca - Arrive 22/Jan. Depart - 25/Jan. (3 nights) Firenze - Arrive 25/Jan. Depart - 1/Feb. (7 nights) Rome - Arrive 1/Feb. Depart - 10/Feb. (9 nights)

Cheers! Don and Linda