Subject: Re: Help with Rotterdam
Hi Janet,

You will have a good time in Rotterdam as well as in Amsterdam, but it will be completely different. The Hilton Hotel is indeed close to the central station in Rotterdam (2 mins. walk) and with buses and trams on your doorstep, you can cover quite a lot. I recommend however to walk whereever you go, because there are lots of interesting places to see in the centre of Rotterdam, like: 1. The oude haven - which is the old harbour part of Rotterdam, with some old ships, but mostly with very nice restaurants. (Located close to the central library and appr. 10 mins. walk from The Hilton) 2. Cube Houses, also behind the library 3. Swan Bridge 4. The new property/entertainment development south of the river (The Maas)

Day trips from Rotterdam which are worth your while, are to Delft (Delfs Blue), Gouda (Cheese), Breda (South of the River Rijn)



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