Subject: Ethnic food?

Paolo's comment that for those who have spaghetti every day American Southwest is ethnic food made me think of something that might be a thread.

When I recently returned from Italy, I had dinner with friends who recently returned from Germany, Austria, Hungary. I am of Italian descent and they are of German and Slovak descent. They commented about having enjoyed the food so much, and how they never tire of it. I basically said the same thing about Italian food! No matter how long I am in Italy, I come home and head straight for more Italian food.

On the other hand, I have traveled in Asia, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, and, although I loved the food in each place (there is very little food I have ever met that I couldn't at least eat! )I was really glad to find a place along the way that would serve me a cheeseburger or spaghetti!

So, how do you feel about ethnic food when travel?

Lisa Curcio Gaston in Chicago