Subject: Re: Ethnic food?
Interesting thread Lisa.

Coming home from vacation the food I always crave is Mexican. Unfortunately, while on the road (except, of course, in Mexico) this is a cuisine I'm skeptical of sampling. I've peeked at a few menus of Mexican restaurants in Europe but I'll stick with the local cuisine.

However, if the local cuisine becomes redundant or I'm just in the mood for a change two choices have usually served us well; Italian and Basque. In Argentina Italian cuisine is ubiquitous. No doubt a result of Italians making up the largest group of immigrants to that nation. Don't get me wrong I love Argentine beef. But not every single night. That's where all the pasta and pizza in Argentina saves the day.

As far as Basque food is concerned I've yet to have a bad meal in a Basque restaurant. Any country that was colonized by the Spanish is going to have a Basque population. And some of those Basques are bound to have opened restaurants. We actively seek them out while on the road. From Bakersfield, California to Puerto Madryn, Argentina; Mexico City to Santiago, Chile you can't go wrong if you choose Basque.

Along this same line of discussion, as a child my grandparents used to take our family across the border to Mexicali, Mexico for Chinese food. Chinese food in Mexico, you ask?! Thats right. Mexicali was originally settled by Chinese immigrants to Mexico. And to this day it is known for its very good Chinese restaurants. I've been told by friends that the same holds true for Guatemala City but have yet to find out for myself.

John craving Mexican food right now