Subject: Re: Pompeii from Roma?
Hi Tracye,

I found some answers to your query about how to reach Pompeii quite confusing about local trains.

While Ira was really precise and absolutely right in his notes (as an Italian lovers as he is!), I'd like clarify just one point about local trains from Naples to Pompeii. There are 2 different companies that runs local trains from Naples to Pompeii, one is the national railways company Trenitalia (former Ferrovie dello Stato) and another one the Circumvesuviana (a local company).

The first one is less frequent and stops only in the modern city while the second one stops both on the modern city (Pompei) and close the ruins (Pompei Scavi). So be sure to take the Circunvesuviana trains located down stairs from the Central train station in Naples, buy your ticket there and catch the right train (ask as much as possible because there runs lots trains!). Ira tips about how to reach the train are rights.

I believe that some misunderstoods happened to other travellers came because these 2 different ways to go to Pompeii by train, so be sure to ask for Circumvesuviana trains!

At the end, I'd prefer take local trains rather than SITA buses as suggested from an other ziner.

Tracye, don't be too scared about Naples, I was there 3 days ago for my visit number 20 (!) and I enjoyed the city as usual.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy