Subject: Re: Ethnic food

In Miami we have a joke that goes I love Miami because it is so close to the USA.... Yes!, we have all kinds of ethnic foods, including a lot of different kinds of Latin Food., Spanish, Brazilian, Cuban,Venezuelan ...and so forth.

For Cuban ambiance I like Versailles, I love its cafecitos and the mojitos and the special of the day. For Italian food I like Buggatti Restaurant in Coral Gables; one of my favorite ethnic restaurant is Old Lisbon , great Portuguese food.

For freshly baked Argentine croissants and real cafe con leche my choice is Cafe Buenos Aires. It is Located on Collins and 72 nd street .For us getting there for breakfast is a good excuse for a long walk by the ocean.

In South Beach there are tons of restaurants, naturally they tend to be on the expensive side. Granted they have lots of ambiance. Good food? Not always. All restaurants in South Beach include at least 15% service .

Graziella in Miami Beach.