Subject: Re: bad news... what about DVT...
Hi Fernando and Ziners,

Following on from the excellent Ziner advice here's my bit. I think the key answers to this problem are:

1. get seats next to eachother with one of you on an aisle so that you don't get hemmed in by someone who decides to zonk out the minute the flight takes off.

2. don't drink alcohol as this will dehydrate you and blood plasma will become thicker. Drink plenty of water

3. rotating your ankles is an excellent exercise - do this as often as you can. There are 'in flight gym' gizmos now at airports - have a look at them.

4. definitely take an aspirin half and hour before flying

5. aim to get up and walk around every couple of hours

6. airlines are all publishing advice - check out the international carriers like Qantas, BA etc

7. don't frighten yourself to death by reading all the bad news stories - take sensible precautions and you'll be fine! my husband got bilateral DVTs from being on Greyhound buses in 1969!

8. have a fabulous time in Italy!

cheers Sally Somerset UK