Subject: What food is ethnic?
Hello Ziners

since I was the one who involuntary started this thread, I feel compelled to explain my opinion better. When travelling, in-country or abroad, the smartest, cheapest and most efficient thing is to eat what locals eat. In the 70's, many Italians, moving their first steps to other European countries, discovered at their own expenses spaghetti aren't always the same. On the other side, on a long trip, everyone can get bored of local food (too spicy, too tasty or too fat) and feel the need of some comfort home food, being it a Big Mac or a pizza as well. Actually I love to taste pizza in every country I go, as it's something which is always good.

Another issue is the ethnicity of a restaurant. I don't believe Italian, French, Chinese and some American food can be still considered ethnic, as they are served almost worldwide in many different ways but always referring to the original model. But is some food is more ethnic than another? The traditional Austrian-German cuisine served in many restaurant of my town is probably considered ethnic in Rome, while Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam are as common as hamburger joints. So you'll forgive me for my view of Southwestern cuisine as ethnic and on your next visit to trieste I'll be happy to take you to taste some Austrian/Hungarian/Balkan food just next door to a true Neapolitan pizza! Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy